Hello! I’m Milette, I’m 26, and I’m a London-based mathematician and classical singer. While I’ve worked abroad in China, Hong Kong, and Berlin over the past 10 years, I’ve recently decided to put the Jet Set lifestyle to one side, slow down a bit, and focus on the here and now.

I’ve recently discovered a passion for homemaking. I’ve always enjoyed decorating, sorting, and organising as a child (who can resist a good home makeover show?) , and since getting married and moving into what feels like my first proper home, these burning passions have been reignited. Join me on my journey to becoming a pro dinner party hostess by 2030 by slowly transforming into my idol: Bree Van de Kamp. Expect to find on my blog domestic advice on things like cleaning, sorting, hosting, and decorating – and of course some top life tips and general musings!

Ciao for now,

Milette xoxo