Guide to Seville

I spent last weekend in Seville and it was such a beautiful city that I wanted to post a list of all the things I’d recommend doing while there. Below are all my top spots!


The Sights

Real Alcázar de Sevilla

This palace, otherwise known as Dorne from Game of Thrones, was UN-Real (ha ha). It’s worth noting that you need to book your visit in advance. I highly recommend checking it out – we went for a 9:30am slot (the earliest possible) on a Friday, and we did not regret it – the gardens were so empty and peaceful! There’s so much to see and yet it feels intimate enough that you can explore it all in a couple hours.


There were also multiple peacocks roaming about the grounds, looking regal AF and acting like they were the real princes of the palace.


Plaza de España

The Plaza de España is an absolutely beautiful square surrounded by gardens. We made the mistake of going on a Saturday aftenoon, which meant that it was quite crowded (if I were to revisit I’d probably go in the morning), but even so it was a spectacular location. There are lots of tiled alcoves representing the different provinces of Spain, and a river runs through the centre on which it’s possible to rent a boat. This space has also been featured on film, both as Naboo in Star Wars and in Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator.


Casa de Pilatos

This may have been my favourite out of the sights we went to. Being a slightly less popular site than Alcazar and the Plaza, it wasn’t as crowded and the entire atmosphere was just so calm and peaceful (although of course this may have been down to the fact that we went first thing on Sunday). Known as the “mini-Alcázar”, this is a really great alternative if you either didn’t manage to book in advance, or wanted to experience the gardens and architecture in a shorter space of time. This house has also been used as a filming location, but I haven’t seen any of those films so I don’t really care (the list is on Wikipedia if you’re interested).


The Tapas

Perro Viejo

This place was absolutely amazing. We went for the burrata, leeks with a truffle sauce, patatas bravas, truffled macaroni, and gnocchi with hazelnut pesto. This was definitely one of our favourite meals in Seville. We also loved the atmosphere and decor in the restaurant – the design is quite modern (I’d say a “hipster” city vibe) with lots of wood,  plants, and scandi chairs. I’m still thinking about that burrata.


Cafe de Picalagartos

This was our favourite of the smaller, “street-tapas” style restaurants. We chose it at random for lunch one day, and they were a little surprised that we ordered so many patatas bravas and goat’s cheese salads, but the food and sangria were so superb I thought it deserved a mention!


Taberna Belmonte

This tapas bar also deserved a mention – their goat’s cheese rolls were to die for. If you’re a goat’s cheese fan, this is definitely one to visit! The decor also felt really cosy and intimate.


Al Aljibe

I found the food here to be both interesting and different, but also absolutely delicious. One thing that stood out to me was beef carpaccio with green mustard ice cream (pictured below) – I’ve never tasted anything like it before but I have to say, I was a fan! The only thing to note was that the portion sizes were slightly smaller than average in this place. It’s also slightly out of the way, meaning more locals and fewer tourists. Definitely worth a visit!


Non-tapas food

Brunch at Gusto

Gusto had typical brunch items, and again, quite a modern “hipster” city vibe. It’s near all the sights – I’d highly recommend if you’re craving more “breakfasty” type foods. I think they also serve tapas, as their menu changes from morning to evening, but we went quite early so had smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels and scrambled eggs.


Brunch at Filo

Filo had such a cosy atmosphere, and served all my favourite things – brunch items and salads! The salmon bagel I had there was one of the best salmon bagels I’ve ever had.


I also absolutely loved their deco, and again, they were quite central, so a nice stop if you want to grab something on the go!



Churros at Bar El Comercio

From what I gather on the internet, Bar El Comercio is THE PLACE to go for churros in Seville, so we had to try it – and it did not disappoint. The churros and chocolate were milder and less sweet than I had anticipated, but in my eyes this is a good thing, as I don’t love overly sugary desserts. I’m actually still thinking about these churros as well, so they must have done something right!



The Chilling

La Terraza EME

We went for a cocktail at the EME rooftop bar on our last day, and it was definitely one of my favourite things that we did. The views of the cathedral are stunning, and the cocktails, although slightly closer to London prices, were amazing. It was almost completely empty when we went, on a Monday afternoon, but we noticed there was a queue to get in on a Saturday evening, so choose your timings wisely!


El Rinconcillo

El Rinconcillo is Seville’s oldest bar, dating back to 1670. Our orders were written in chalk on the counter, which I loved and felt really old-school. Lots of locals seemed to enjoy this place as well, and it was buzzing on a Sunday night. I’d recommend stopping by for a glass of tinto de verano if you have the time!


AIRE Ancient Baths Seville

This is probably my favourite spa I’ve ever visited – worth every penny. The rooms were dark and silent, with candles and ancient tiles li ning the walls. There was a steam room, a salt bath, a jacuzzi, and a set of hot and cold tubs to soak in, along with a separate massage room. I don’t think I’ve ever been calmer! If you’re considering booking, I can’t recommend it enough.



I hope this has been helpful!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve visited any of the above, or if there’s anything else you can recommend in Seville!

Milette xxx

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  1. Anna says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog & looking at the photos.



    1. miletteriis says:

      Amazing – I’m so happy you like it! 🙂


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