September Resolutions

I never really understood New Year’s Resolutions. Mostly because New Year’s Eve seems to happen halfway through the year. Maybe it’s because I was born in September, or maybe it’s because Jewish New Year is in September, or maybe it’s simply to do with the academic schedule, but I’ve always seen September as the start of the year.


Everyone’s had a crazy summer and is ready to hit the reset button in September. September is when people start a new job, or move somewhere new. So I think it only makes sense to create September Resolutions, either instead of or along with January Resolutions.


Here are my rules for September Resolutions:


1) They are more general than January Resolutions. Rather than “I will never do X again”, they’re more along the lines of “I’ll try to do X less this year”. This also means they can’t be broken as easily – it’s more about setting intentions for the coming year than creating strict rules for yourself that are impossible to abide by.

2) They don’t start on the 1st of September. September Resolutions can start any time in September – as they’re more general than New Year’s Resolutions, they don’t need a set start date in the same way.

3) September resolutions aren’t about limiting yourself, for example cutting calorie intake or forcing yourself to exercise every day. They’re should be things you’re excited about – for example you could twist the above into trying new, healthier foods, or signing up for a new gym or exercise class!


This year, my resolutions are:

– Keep a tidy and organised home

– Go to more parties

– Don’t work too hard


Let me know what yours are in the comments!


Milette xoxo


4 Comments Add yours

  1. fluidsign says:

    I definitely think fall comes with new beginnings and routines, so I can see your point regarding timing. For this fall, I plan to try to incorporate some cardio a few days a week.


  2. Mettlefork says:

    I like idea of September resolutions. You are right that a lot of things start in September, I might just follow your lead.


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