Why Ross and Emily were the Ultimate Friends Couple

Emily gets a lot of hate (probably because the creators couldn’t bring themselves to have Ross end up with someone British) and frankly I think it’s misplaced. Ross and Emily should have ended up together, and here is why.

Why Ross and Rachel were NOT the ultimate couple. 

First of all, we need to establish that Ross and Rachel were a terrible couple. Many, many people seem to already think this, but in case you aren’t sold yet here are my top arguments.

1) The whole will they / won’t they is so old news. NO ONE CARES PEOPLE.
2) Their ENTIRE relationship is based on the fact that they have “a history” – none of it is based on personality (unlike Ross and Emily).
3) Ross loves the idea of Rachel, not Rachel herself. As this twitter feed so eloquently put it, “Ross fell in love with a picture of himself as the kind of man who could date a Rachel” (consequently it goes on to talk about why Rachel and Joey were perfect together, which I also agree with, and had Ross and Emily worked things out maybe things would have worked out for Rachel and Joey too and everyone would have been happy).
4) Rachel loves that Ross is so obsessed with her, but she doesn’t seem to actually like Ross himself very much and constantly seems bored with him.

Why Emily is a completely reasonable human being for wanting Rachel out of Ross’s life
Literally. Rewatch the end of S4/ start of S5 and tell me you think Emily was being unreasonable. Even Buzzfeed agrees with me on this one.

1) The only reason we see Emily as a “bitch” is because we’re seeing things from Rachel’s perspective. If my husband had an ex lurking around the corner I would have every right to tell him to cut her out of our lives, PARTICULARLY if there’s been any indication he’s not over her. For anyone reading this, it’s important that you know that this is a completely reasonable request. If you’re dating someone who will not let go of an ex, RUN!
2) It’s also important to note that Emily was trying her best to be cool with the whole Rachel situation. In fact she was VERY cool about it initially (moreso than many other characters on tv, e.g. Stella and Victoria on HIMYM). She even let him invite her to their wedding (my husband was also not comfortable with us having exes at our wedding and it seems to be pretty well-established as being a bad idea )
3) He then went behind her back and spent time with Rachel after saying he wouldn’t see her again, rather than discussing it with Emily first if he didn’t agree with that decision. He could have easily said something along the lines of “I’d be happy to cut her out of my life, but she lives with my sister so I may see her from time to time – I can just be super cold to her or try to avoid talking to her when I do see her”. OR he could just spend less time with his sister (very normal for 30 year olds – despite the name of the show you don’t need to do EVERYTHING as a massive group).
4) Not to mention Rachel openly admitted to being in love with Ross at this point and she actively tried to sabotage their wedding – even Hugh Laurie agreed this made her a terrible person.
5) Offering Rachel Emily’s honeymoon ticket doesn’t exactly scream “just friends”, and I would be worried too if I were Emily.


Finally, we get on to:

Why Ross and Emily were the Ultimate Friends Couple. 
1) Their storyline is HELLA romantic. It’s also *not* completely unrealistic to be madly in love and wanting to get married in such a short space of time (my husband & I were looking at wedding venues 3 months in!) – it’s just that the show comes from a time where “relationships that blossom from friendships” were more on trend. Anything overly romantic was considered unrealistic (which is a topic I will get onto another time). This is also the angle the Rachel/Joey twitter thread takes. Basically, imagine that fairytale romance ISN’T complete bullshit for a second. Then that is EXACTLY what Ross and Emily have.
2) Ross ended all his earlier relationships for Rachel. Julie and Bonnie both got dumped when Rachel presented herself as an option to Ross (even though as soon as he broke up with them both Rachel immediately found a reason to NOT date him after all, yet another reason I’m so anti- Ross/Rachel). Emily is the first girlfriend we see in the show who Ross has absolutely no intention of leaving for Rachel. It’s the first time he can be happy for Rachel being with someone else (not that the same can be said of Rachel). Even after the wedding, when things are incredibly rocky, and Rachel confesses her feelings to Ross, he sort of brushes them aside. He was genuinely happy with Emily.
3) They make each other better people. Emily makes Ross outgoing, passionate, spontaneous – all things that don’t come naturally to him. Ross with Emily is my favourite Ross. Going to Vermont on the same weekend they met? Going WAY out of his comfort zone to play a terrifying contact sport for the first time? Proposing with an earring (getting an earring, for that matter)? Fixing the church for Emily by covering it with candles and fairy lights? Their whole story is just a dream tbh and the only reason the writers made it end so abruptly and out of nowhere is that they thought it might be too depressing for the audience to think this sort of love might be out there (and trying to ship the whole Ross/Rachel thing).
4) They are on a similar level intellectually. Ross always considered himself to be smarter than Rachel (which let’s be fair, he sort of is, Rachel/Joey are a lot more on par) – but Emily and Ross seem quite well-suited to one another. Emily is cultured, likes the opera and (I’m assuming) artsy London plays, AND knows how to tap into people’s weaknesses and BRING THEM DOWN (as we saw in “the one with all the rugby”).
5) They both SPONTANEOUSLY FLY ACROSS THE WORLD for one another. When has that ever happened, ever??
6) Also the Vermont scene is the cutest scene in tv history.


Which brings us to: THE COP OUT
1) Emily before the wedding and after are literally two different people. Yes, in the first episode we encounter her we see she has a bit of a temper, but even taking that into consideration there is no way those two characters could be the same person. They just wanted to shove Ross and Rachel down our throats and so had to suddenly give Emily a bunch of flaws. Cop out. 
2) Ross saying Rachel’s name has never and will never happen to anyone ever. COP. OUT. 
3) “We all have to keep hanging out as a group of 6”. Yeah. Of course the audience will agree with that. If they didn’t THE SHOW WOULD HAVE TO END. COP- wait for it

(oh crap wrong show)

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  1. I totally agree! And so many shows do the will they won’t they thing. I’m sure it’s supposed to be lesson that true love is never easy but really it should be that just cause you want something doesn’t mean it’s right for you.


    1. miletteriis says:

      “Just cause you want something doesn’t mean it’s right for you” <– 100% to this!! Love isn't easy, but it also is. "Love isn't easy" should mean you might argue, or have to work through things – if you're constantly ENDING YOUR RELATIONSHIP then that's TOO HARD.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. INDIERELLA says:

    Y E S I could never stand Ross and Rachel as a couple–probably because I can’t stand Ross oops.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. miletteriis says:

      Hahah that seems to be a popular opinion, although I don’t get the Ross hate personally! Glad you agree they belong apart though, you are correct 👍

      Liked by 1 person

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