Really Easy Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Here are my top 5 tips for making your kitchen a bearable place to be in with absolute minimal effort. Seriously, each of these things takes seconds to do. I’m not suggesting this is enough – you need to of course do the standards (make sure the dishes are clean, throw old food away, occasionally clean things like the oven and dishwasher), but they’re just little things that can make a world of difference.


1. Each time you boil the kettle, pour any leftover water down the drain. The boiling water will help kill drain bacteria while keeping your sink clean. If your sink is looking a bit grimy you can pour the water around the sink as well to loosen the filth.


2. Always have fresh dish towels – I recommend changing them at least once per week. Dish towels get very grim very quickly, and for some reason they take forever to dry. There’s nothing worse than going to dry your hands on a damp and dirty dish towel. I’d recommend having several – one which you use exclusively for drying hands (basically functioning as a normal towel), and one which you use for everything else.


3. Light a scented candle. I recommend this citrusy one from Yankee (incidentally it is also my “productivity candle”). Yes, it won’t actively clean your kitchen – but it’ll a) help your kitchen smell fresh, which is definitely important in how clean it feels, and b) help motivate you to spend some time in the kitchen and therefore some time cleaning it.


4. Dettol wipes – a quick and easy way to keep your surfaces looking spotless. They can also be used to wipe the stove. Just remember not to flush them down the toilet! (And yes, there are biodegradable wipes, see here and here)


5. Buy a scrubbing brush. This is so much more useful than sponges for cleaning dishes (even if you have a dishwasher I’d recommend investing in one). Sponges are good for more delicate dishes, but for anything grimy and disgusting that you don’t necessarily want to touch and that isn’t coming off with a sponge, try the brush.


Processed with VSCO with av4 preset
My collection of dish towels – the one on the left is for hand drying only


I’d also recommend keeping white vinegar & bicarbonate of soda around. These two ingredients seem to be a staple of 90% of all “cleaning hacks”. Examples of what they can be used for are:

  • Clothes stains
  • Cleaning the dishwasher
  • Removing lime scale
  • Cleaning the kettle
  • Literally everything


That’s all for now folks, let me know if you have any other suggestions to add to the list!

Milette xoxo


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  1. Cole says:

    These are little things that probably take minimal effort to do, it’s a good reminder that these small actions are an contribute to a better lifestyle


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