3 Fabulous Brunch Spots in Barcelona

I’ve just spent a long weekend in Barcelona, i.e. 3 mornings, i.e. 3 brunch spots. They were all fabulous, so if you’re ever in the area I’d recommend checking them out!

#1. Citizen Café

This was a really cute spot near our hostel, located on the Plaça d’Urquinaona. This place has a distinctly hipster vibe, with retro pendant lamps and kitchen utensils hanging from the ceiling. They had all the traditional brunch items, but I opted for what looked like the “Spanish version” of brunch – poached eggs, avocado, tortilla, salsa, jalapeños, feta – which was absolutely amazing. We topped it off with a rather large jug of sangria.


#2. Alsur Café & Backdoor Bar

We later found out that Alsur is a chain, but the café we went to was on Carrer de la Ribera (just next to the zoo for an added bonus!) We both went for the eggs florentine with salmon, made with spinach, capers, and a sauce which definitely wasn’t hollandaise (some sort of mayonnaise?)

When our food arrived, I realised they had put scramble eggs rather than poached eggs on top. I usually dislike scrambled eggs, so I was slightly put out by this, but to my surprise I absolutely loved it! I don’t know what magic they pulled on those eggs but my palette was impressed.

They claim to make the 5th best mojito in Barcelona. I wasn’t convinced, but then again I’m not a massive mojito fan. I will say their Bloody Marys and Piña Coladas were top form though. We loved the atmosphere and overall vibe of this place as well – so much so that we came back for another quick meal just before we went off to catch our flight!


#3. En Aparté

A French café in Barcelona? Why not! Located on the Carrer de Lluís el Piadós just by the Arc de Triomf, En Aparté feels secluded and peaceful. With its mismatch of chairs and surrounding fairy lights, we felt instantly at home. I ordered poached eggs with salmon, roquefort, and dill, served with brown bread. Given the simplicity of the dish, the ingredients needed to be top quality – and they certainly delivered. I was not expecting to enjoy it anywhere near as much as I did, but it turns out roquefort goes incredibly well with salmon!


Let me know in the comments whether there are any more I should check out next time!

Milette xoxo

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  1. girlinnam says:

    Thank you for sharing, always on the hunt for brunch places! And yes theres one more you should check out for sure if you’re still there…FLAX AND KALE. The yummiest vegan food I’ve ever had ❤ enjoy! xx


    1. miletteriis says:

      Ooh I’ll make sure to check those out next time – love vegan food!!


  2. angelichigo says:

    I wish I came across this earlier! Barcelona has lots of great restaurants! not sure why I didn’t eat any brunch when I was there actually.


    1. miletteriis says:

      Next time!! ☺️


  3. Great post! I plan on taking more trips this year going forward, and after this post I will be adding Barcelona to my bucket list! Gotta check out some of these spots you mentioned!


    1. miletteriis says:

      Thanks!! Barcelona is amazing and I would definitely recommend if you get the chance ☺️


  4. That’s it – you’ve convinced me to visit Barcelona next! I do love a good brunch!

    Holly || https://hollydasilva.com/


    1. miletteriis says:

      Yay!! Let me know when you go & whether you visited any of these spots!


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