5 beauty products I don’t have time for

Makeup can be great. It can do great things for you and your face. But do you sometimes feel like you’re being sold a crapload of products you don’t actually need?? Then read on. Here are my top 5 pointless beauty products that you should avoid at all costs.


Before I start, just to let you know there’s a little affiliate link attached to each of the below. This is solely for the purpose of earning a few pennies off other peoples’ terrible taste. I’ve warned you not to get any of these items, but if you must, at least I’ll get something out of it too (FYI this doesn’t alter the price). But seriously don’t buy these things.


#1 Moisturiser

I’ve never used moisturiser, and I’m convinced it’s one of those things no one actually needs. I’ve seen countless youtubers meticulously apply it every morning as part of their makeup routine or morning routine, claiming that it’s one of their most important products. But I just don’t get it. I’ve never heard anyone go “you know what would make me look better? If I had moist skin.” I can maybe see the appeal if you have particularly dry skin. But that only affects a small percentage of the population – so why are you marketing moisturiser to everyone, cosmetics companies?!



Don’t buy this Aveeno moisturiser.


#2 Highlighter

I occasionally put on highlighter. I even had a small amount on at my wedding. But I don’t really get it. And whenever I’ve put it on a small part of me has regretted it. Similarly to moisturiser, highlighter is supposed to make your face look shiny and, for lack of a better word, “moist”. If I want a shiny face I’ll do some exercise or move somewhere humid, thanks.


This MAC highlighter is terrible, do not order it.


#3 Lip Liner

If you can’t line your lips with the edge of a lipstick, what makes you think you can do it with a pencil? It’s not THAT much more precise – in fact, sometimes it’s less precise. And you can always tell. They never quite blend. I’ve never used lipliner and gone “that was a good decision”. The closest I’ve come is when I’ve filled in my entire lips with lipliner and gone over them with lipstick afterwards. On those occasions, I’ve actually found the lipstick to be pointless (no pun intended). Why colour something in twice? With a steady hand, you should be absolutely fine without a lipliner (particularly if using things like liquid lipsticks). Yet another product no one needs.


Don’t purchase this MAC “spice” lip liner under any circumstances.

#4 Eyelash Curlers

I used to curl my lashes every morning. Until I realised that eyelash curlers do nothing. Sure, they make your lashes appear curly for about 2 seconds. But let’s just think about this logically for a second. Think about how much effort curling your hair is, and how easily those curls often fall out. And that’s with a hot curling wand. Eyelash curlers are meant to be used cold. You may as well push your lashes up with your finger every morning, that’s how effective they are. I actually used to heat up my eyelash curler with a hairdryer to make the effects last longer – but honestly none of this is worth the effort. Put your damn mascara on and be done with it.


This Bobbi Brown eyelash curler is overpriced and the only purpose it serves is to make Anne Hathaway feel bad about herself in Devil Wears Prada.

#5 Concealer

Controversial! Ok, so I do actually own a concealer (Waterweight by MAC in NC15). And I will on occasion use it. But genuinely, I just don’t see the point. When someone tries to cake concealer on top of foundation it either looks completely obvious, or completely pointless (I’m looking at you, beauty bloggers who apply it to an already-perfect complexion. I’ve rewinded your video 7 times and I’m telling you it makes literally no difference.)

The one time concealer can be useful is if you’re not wearing foundation at all, so you only want to cover certain blemishes. But why not use foundation for that? It does the job just as well. Better, in fact, as it often looks less caked-on (provided it’s fairly light). Also blemishes tend to do better if you don’t try to cover them up with makeup. Leave them alone and they’ll more often than not go away.

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 15.48.55

I own this but don’t buy it as it serves literally the same purpose as foundation.


That’s all for now folks, happy not-shopping!!

Milette xoxo


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow, I don’t have many of these but lippy, liner, and mascara a must for me!


  2. mystyle5 says:

    I’m with you in the eyelash curler, but the lipliner actually helps very soft/moisturizing lipsticks not feather and bleed. What I normally do is colour in the whole lip underneath the lipstick, so there isn’t a tell-tale line between the two products. And if you ever visit Amsterdam with is harsh wind, you’ll see the needs for moisturizer immediately, hahah! (Still recommend it though, it’s beautiful.)


    1. miletteriis says:

      I love Amsterdam, I’m actually going in a few weeks! Maybe it’s just me as I’ve literally never had a dry skin problem 😂 my issue with using lip liner like that, to colour the whole lip, is literally what is the point of lipstick at that point?? All it does is make it more likely to smudge everywhere!

      I tend to be more of a liquid lipstick person anyway, and they tend to stay on and have a clear line without the need for lipliner.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mystyle5 says:

        Very cool, hope you enjoy Amsterdam as much as I do! ❤

        Indeed, I think liquid lipsticks tend to stay put more- for creamy or shiny versions, I do find that lining my lips underneath leaves me with a consistent flush of colour, even when the layer on top has been eaten/swiped off. But to each their own, in the end 😀


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