10 Things To Do This December

‘Tis Christmas season once again. I know, the holidays can at times get rather repetitive, and sometimes the list of things to do goes on and on. It can be quite easy to lose that wonderful Christmas spirit we all had growing up – so I’ve compiled a list of 10 suggestions for fun things to do this December to really get you in the festive mood.

I’ve tried to steer clear of London attractions (or those of any other city, for that matter) – there are always thousands of suggestions everywhere for what to do in your city. I’ve tried to make these ideas universal, and (hopefully) slightly unusual as well. Enjoy!

#1. Watch Home Alone and drink mulled wine whenever anything unnecessarily violent occurs. If you want to mix things up, switch the mulled wine for a Christmas cocktail – see here for some sumptuous suggestions.


#2. Knit by the fireplace (or some scented candles if you prefer) while listening to some Christmas tuuunes (I’m a sucker for Michael Buble’s Christmas album, but I can also recommend The Sixteen’s A Traditional Christmas Carol Collection* and everything Frank Sinatra). If you don’t have any candles OR a fire, I’d recommend this 8 hour long video of a fireplace (complete with authentic crackling sounds).

*If you’re a singer, you might be sick to death of all the carols – but I sometimes find it really calming to just listen to the familiar tunes, without the effort of performing in any way!

giphy (1).gif

#3. Build a fort and watch The Grinch in the fort. If you want you can squeeze a mini Christmas tree inside as well and call it Santa’s Grotto. Bonus points if you have any pets and can get them to join you.


#4. Winter breakfast in bed. NOW IS THE TIME TO GO OVERBOARD ON THE CINNAMON! Porridge with cinnamon. Cinnamon pastries. Cinnamon challenge.

giphy (3)

My top suggestion for a hearty breakfast would be a nice soup or stew – for more inspiration check out my post on breakfast suggestions. I can also highly recommend getting a breakfast tray (I have this one from John Lewis, and it has quickly made its way into being one of the most useful things I own at the minute).

#5. Watch all the Christmas episodes of your favourite TV show (I’m still a sucker for the Friends Christmas specials, although who doesn’t love Black Mirror: White Christmas?) while painting / drawing / doing some other sort of arts and crafts. If you HATE all things art, consider tidying your home – it can be surprisingly calming!

giphy (4).gif

#6. Go Christmas shopping… for yourself (whaaaaaat?!) Buy yourself a bunch of unnecessary crap you don’t need and wrap it all up. Whenever you’re feeling blue, unwrap a present. Alternatively, buy yourself an advent calendar you’re actually excited about (For some people that’s chocolate, but I personally went with this Yankee Candle one, or CANDLEndar as I like to call it). As long as presents are involved, and they last throughout December, you’re good.

giphy (5).gif

#7. Create a new Christmas makeup look (or costume alternative). Check out my Snowman look and video below!


If you absolutely hate the idea of decorating yourself for Christmas, consider decorating your home. Fairy lights everywhere, tinsel in the most inconvenient places, and glitter bombs highly recommended. If you’re a university student, consider surprising one of your friends by decorating their room instead! (Musings of a Milettennial is not responsible for any damage incurred upon reading this post.)

#8. Sing your favourite Christmas songs (or arias if you’re feeling up for it) at the top of your voice, making sure to wake the neighbours. My personal songs of choice are The Christmas Song, Marshmallow World, Baby it’s Cold Outside, and But Who May Abide from Handel’s Messiah (although Rejoice is also a banger). If you hate music try out some poetry – lots of great readings around Christmas. If you love music too much to sing alone at home, consider joining a choir – there are always plenty around that are looking for new members in the Christmas period!

giphy (6).gif

#9 Make a list of things you loved doing as a child (e.g. going to festive markets, baking or eating certain foods, watching certain films or TV shows, or making arts and crafts) and write them all down on pieces of paper. Make a “lucky dip” Santa hat and pick something out of the hat whenever you have some free time.

If you don’t feel you have enough free time for such frivolous activities, replace “things you loved doing as a child” with “things you wish you had time for” (e.g. taking a bubble bath, reading a book, meditating, or planning a holiday), and try to consciously free up at least a couple of occasions per week where you can pick something out of your Christmas hat.

giphy (7).gif

#10 Give yourself time to be alone. I know Christmas is the time to go to work parties, be with friends, and socialise in general – but it’s important to have time to recharge your batteries as well (and to do the things you love, see #9). Make sure you have at least a couple evenings a week free to spend however you choose, and ideally one full day every weekend.

giphy (12).gif

Let me know your thoughts, and if you have any more suggestions send them my way!!

Happy December,

Milette xoxo

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jackie says:

    These are awesome, and what’s cool about your list is that they’re free (for the most part)! I think #4 and #6 are my faves! #10 is also SUPER important– self-care during the holidays is a challenge for sure.

    Jackie | https://thevibrantdreamer.com


  2. Christmas movies with mulled wine are at the top of my list!! In fact, that might be something to do tonight! Charlie xo


  3. aimeeb4 says:

    You so totally understand what it is to get in the spirit of the holiday 🥰😍 home alone, Christmas music & Michael Buble does it for me


  4. lifewithmrst says:

    These are great suggestions I love number 1 especially. I always love driving with Christmas music on, it really gets me in the spirit.


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