Classy Autumn Touches to a Home

Hi guys. I love decorating, and nothing excites me as much as a nice interior design catalogue, so I thought I’d share my top autumn decorations from this year. Why “classy”, you ask? Well, I’ve found that a lot of  “autumn decoration” pinterest items look a little …well, homemade. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! If you like that vibe, go check those out. This is for people who want to make their home feel like an autumnal haven without spending 6 hours making a bowl out of pine cones and dead leaves, or going overboard and ending up with a giant light-up pumpkin in their front garden (I’m looking at you, America). It’s about easy little touches anyone can add to make their home more welcoming.

1. A Light-Up Pumpkin

Okay, I lied, I like light-up pumpkins. This one was from John Lewis, and is probably the fanciest thing on this list – not to worry, the rest of the items are much more affordable.


2. Autumnal Flowers

I like the red ones with the little berries. I’d also recommend orange roses, anything wispy that comes in deep reds and purples, and some autumn foliage. #yaaasssssss


3. Scented Candles

I’ve literally been lighting these every single evening this autumn, sometimes all day as well – the delicious cinnamonny smell makes me both feel calmer and more productive at the same time. Plus, when there’s a candle lit, for some reason I’m OK just enjoying the peace and quiet. There’s something incredibly soothing about them.

I got Yankee Candles in Clean Cotton, Cinnamon Stick, Home Sweet Home, and Winter Glow, but I can also recommend this Glade candle for a couple £.


4. Some more pumpkins


I’d recommend trying to find a variety of different shapes and sizes. It took me far too long to realise where to buy these, so here’s a top tip: any florist in the centre of London sells these. Delightfully tasteful, not too expensive (the smaller ones were something like £1.50), and makes your home feel like pumpkin spice heaven.


5. An Autumn Wreath

The best thing to come home to.


Bonus: A Witch

Because Halloween. Also, not gonna lie, I love her and she’s going to stay there all year.


Let me know in the comments if you have any further suggestions for deco! There are still about 7 days left before full-on winter hits and that is time I do not want to waste.

Milette xoxo

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