28 Minutes Later

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Those of you who know me know I love costumes. Specifically Halloween costumes. More specifically dressing up as a zombie and freaking people out on Halloween (and occasionally myself when I walk past a mirror).


There are 3 reasons why I love dressing up as a zombie:

  1. It’s scary. Trust me – try it sometime.
  2. It’s cheap. All you need to buy is liquid latex, fake blood, and white contact lenses (optional). The rest of the costume can be created using cosmetics that most people typically have access to (foundation, red lipstick, blue eyeshadow). If you’re a bit of a costumeaholic like me, I recommend investing in an eye shadow palette such as this one from Sephora (or similar) – I’ve used it for countless costumes over the past 3 years and I’ve not regretted it so far.
  3. It’s hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about your makeup or hair looking good all night – with this costume, you get a free pass to look like crap and it only adds to the effect! Forgot to wash your hair? Who cares, you’re dead!

I thought I’d kick off this blog by sharing my creative process in 7 easy steps (with an optional 8th step of lukewarm difficulty) – stay tuned!


Step 1: Apply liquid latex on areas where you want “wounds”. Layer the latex with ripped up pieces of toilet paper.

Step 2: Apply foundation as usual, covering the latex, and including the lips. No concealer though! We’re accentuating those under-eye bags today.

Step 3: Using tweezers, carefully cut holes in the latex and tear as desired.

Step 4: Colour the skin red using a lipstick under the torn latex. Use black eyeshadow to frame the red (giving the impression of depth of wound).

Step 5: Apply blue and purple eyeshadow under and around the eyes, in the hollows of the cheeks, around the corners of the mouth, on the lips, and around the “wounds” (to imitate bruising).

Step 6: Apply eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara, etc. as usual (optional).

Step 7: Apply fake blood to the “wounds” and allow to drip.

(Optional Step 8: Insert coloured contacts.)

See it all in action in the video below! (yes I know it came out slightly blurry, sue me)


This has been my recipe pretty consistently throughout the years. This year I dressed up as a dead Miss Scarlett from the game Cluedo, so I’ve made a few slight alterations, but the overall idea has stayed the same. Share your zombie photos below! – Happy Halloween!!

Milette xoxo

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